A cryptocurrency venture capital firm, lab, and validator, that builds alongside the companies and technologies we invest in.

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Our Mission

On the frontier of technology, we're building the future of finance. Strangelove exists to empower the global crypto community and give rise to technologies that are open, useful, and deliver the promise of DeFi.

Venture Capital Investing

Backing startups and early stage companies who are building the future of DeFi.

Strangelove Lab

Actively building alongside the companies and technologies we invest in.

Validation Services

Providing stable and secure validation for the technologies we partner with.

strangelove venture capital investing

Together, we'll build the future.

The world of DeFi is no place for passive partnership. Strangelove invests more than just capital, we offer partners the veteran experience and broad exposure of our renown team, along with a specialized leadership EQ that's sorely missing in the crypto space. Our unique investment model, coupled with our expertise in branding, user experience, product design, and development, gives us the ability to go beyond simply backing our partners and ensuring that they succeed.

How we invest

We believe that crypto investment can be a virtuous cycle that benefits us, our partners, and the entire chain. We use validation and validator rewards as a means of further fortifying investments through active dev projects, creating more utility for our backed technologies and greater value for the rest of the chain.

The Strangelove Regenerative Investment Model


strangelove validation

Stake With Us

We believe fully in the future of every chain we validate on. We prove our commitment by reinvesting validator commission back into projects that fuel the future of the networks.

assets staked:


who we are:

Jack Zampolin: Founder

Jack Zampolin


Jack Zampolin is a cofounder and Technical Lead at Strangelove. Jack came to into the crypto world via Blockstack and then moved to Tendermint as Director of Product. He is currently Co-Founder (Product) at Sommelier Network. As a proof-of-stake pioneer and dev evangelist, Jack brings a special blend of cloud infrastructure and blockchain experience to Strangelove.

Tyler Schmidt: Founder

Tyler Schmidt


Tyler Schmidt is a cofounder and Business Lead at Strangelove. Tyler first came into crypto space as an early Mt. Gox investor and a private miner. As a UX director with years spent building advertising for Fortune 500 clients and user infrastructure for AAA video games, Tyler adds veteran product and strategy experience to the Strangelove team.